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Aug 22


The college complex and mindset bothers me. I used to be surrounded by boys and girls, beings who possessed unfathomable reserves of potential, hope, and wisdom. All I see now are increasing numbers of men and women, beings locked into their own doom by their need to needlessly fit in and avoid mistakes. Everything is great, everything is perfect, why ruin that for the possibility of something better. These thoughts are very frustrating, I feel as if I am about to weep. You remember those children, maybe you were one of them, those children pressed up against the chain link fence with the wild hair and wide eyes. Those kids wanted to learn, wanted to feel, wanted to understand. At every discovery and taste of growth these young hearts would burst with pure joy. The years have past, the children have aged, and the fence, that frontier of what was understood and was just beyond reach has fallen into a rusty state of disrepair. The frontier was constructed of a material that required pressure, the pressure of hungry minds, to stand. Now it has melted into an urban eyesore of sameness and conformity in an environment of repetitive steel and concrete structures while older renditions of the kids that kept the fight for understanding alive pass by as mindless drones caught up in mindless activities. These drones march to no drum, or even to the meek individuality of a triangle. It’s just the same metronome pace, the same thoughts, the same activities. They think they have elevated themselves by getting some piece of paper or going to some institution for a set amount of time, but instead everything has been lost. For the great majority of the populace comes into the university level expecting to obtain a certain set of things, whether that be easy access to knowledge or intercourse. But, they neglect the greatest teacher, the greatest provider, they neglect themselves. See past my indiscriminate use of pronouns and envision my concepts. If I had more faith in myself and my abilities, I would have decided to abandon the thought of college long ago.

- Amman Woldegebriel