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This is an all-inclusive, cross-cultural, temporal tantrum; a meeting of the minds on a mission of rebirth. Our culture is deteriorating and to watch it while doing nothing would make us accessories to its destruction. There is no more room for apathy, so all are welcome to join this creative community. Submit poems, short stories, songs, drawings, photos, short films or performances. Anything created is worth sharing and can be a part of Our Twisted Renaissance. - OTR Submit to Ourtwistedrenaissance@gmail.com Follow OTR on Twitter for updates on contests, events and posted work. Managed by The Seven

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Aug 31

empty shell

Who are you?

I don’t know. Me? You?

You used to be you…

I know. I don’t know.

Who are you now?

A façade.

A mask?

Made of mirages.

And behind?

Black. Nothing. Void.

And the light?


Then I am not you.


Because you are dead?

Only you.


I am not you.


I am not