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Sep 7


Broken dreams and shattered hearts line the street in damaged heaps.

Exhausted sighs and silent tears escape from those left behind.

Terrified wishes and damaged hopes clutter the fields of thought.

Smiles are hidden and laughter is unheard of in this empty wasteland.

Drifting through an endless river of sorrow and grief, she passes these sights and trembles in fear.

She is ensnared in a trap and can’t seem to find her way out— stuck in a never-ending nightmare. 

Only when a hand emerges from the shadows, reaching to help her, does she realize that she is not alone.

Never fighting an already lost battle.

She extends her am and her fingers intertwine with her savior who happens to know her every secret.

He treats her with respect and shows her that she is capable of more beauty then she had imagined.

Flying dreams and fixed-up hearts line the street in complete heaps. 

Excited sighs and happy tears escape from those who survived.

Hopeful wishes and positive hopes embrace the fields of thought. 

Smiles are everywhere and laughter reverberates through the air.

She now drifts on an endless river of happiness and hope, passing these sights in beautiful harmony. 

It’s happened- she’s found what life’s about. 


Sep 1


just let it fall.
over my head, onto my shoulders
washing away the melancholy
feelings that overwhelm my senses
and cause my emotions to consume
my energy and falter my course
through this humbling life.

just let it fall.
hitting the floor, one loud crack
like a boom from the sky
or the streaking lights and flash
and cause my senses to jolt awake
and fry –and then I cry as I remember
that I’m alone, and sad, and lonely.

just let it fall.
floating upwards as the new down
fading from  sight leaving regret
with me and myself, stuck and attached
to everything, yet alone and sorry
for the way I chose  my life
and I would change this, but I cant.

just let it fall.
and admit defeat at last
you’ve fallen to the floor
on your face, with all disgrace
and shame to your  name.
you’ve lost your might
that once gave me a fright
so I left you in misery
and continued my own journey.
but I find I’m still standing here
alone, with myself.
I have fallen. 

- Zaylee Bell

Aug 23

Brick Top

Alone in this sadness

I wait on my brick top

Seagulls are hovering over me

and autumn leaves stray

with the summer wind

Cob webs cover the roses

and droplets

of the 5:30 shower

rest on its kaleidoscope white trap

People getting ready for their morning power walk

lingering by their 6 digits cars

awing the poor

Slaves cleaning 

The cracks on the floor

where wild daisies act like zombies

flourishing between concrete thunder

Here on my brick top

I wait alone

listening to nature

watching it brake

- Johann Piedras

Aug 9

Handle With Care

I took all my feelings
and bottled them up,
stuffed them tight
in a 
neat little box.
“Caution: Fragile
Handle With Care”
With nonchalance
you cast it aside.
“Return to Sender”
I guess it
must have gotten
lost in the mail,
because I still
feel empty and

- Tyler Peschel

Aug 3

Nocturnal Prey

Don’t follow me in the car, don’t tell me who you are.

Don’t whisper in my ear, just to watch the fear

spark up in each eye, just because I’m scared to die.

Don’t taunt me with your power, not at this late hour.


Won’t you leave me alone, I only want to go home.

I still hear your voice, forward is my only choice.

Head down, collar up, pray. Please, oh please, no further delays.


Don’t grab my hand, please understand.

You know I’m alone, just let me go home.

Don’t pull my hair, don’t touch me there.

I have a past and a future, too. But that all means nothing to you.

Don’t make me regret my identity, when you know nothing at all about me.

-Maria Hale

visit mariahale.tumblr.com

Jul 17


The sun sets behind double plated glass windows, I close my eyes and sleep.

I open my eyes. The sun is glaring at me from behind double plated glass windows, the wailing sun is sending cold, oh so cold, rays into my sterile apartment. And plentiful of dust is dancing merrily in the suns rays.
I look around… One, two, three walls… Three thick white walls… A floor, white. The ceiling, white. The last part of the room is a huge floor-to-ceiling double plated window.
And oh so many times have I thrown myself against it, trying to brake out of my little compound. And every time has result in me getting so hurt from that unbreakable wall so I lie there writhing on the floor trying to claw my self through with the last strength I have before I fall asleep.
I scowl out as the sun rises, looking out upon a lush green landscape. Where I see people running around, playing and having fun, everyone with smiles on their faces, and I do envy them. I do envy them so much.  But I can’t get out from this apartment. And no one can get in. They might see me, but all they see is a quiet inapproachable person.
But I want out from here, I want to meet people and laugh and smile and most of all…
I want a friend.
Although I have a goal my will alone isn’t enough to break out from this prison of mine.
I hate my fate, but I’m forced to be a quiet distant person, knowing nothing of friendship.
Another day passes while I spin these thoughts like spider webs until the sun sets again.

The days roll by one after another as they always do, and I keep spinning my thoughts and crying myself to sleep day after fucking day, while the sun just hangs in the sky. Mocking me. 

One day I awake and I know it’s a wonder I’ve gone on like this for so long, but I’m at my limit now.
I feel it.
My chest keeps tightening, like my body is trying to suffocate itself. The walls seem like they’re coming closer and closer, I feel like my body is trying to eliminate it’s own existence.
If I can’t get out from here I’d rather just disappear. My eyes are dry after all the nights I’ve cried myself to sleep. Screaming is pointless; I’ve tried so many times before.
I start to hear a rhythmic thumping. Like a war drum signaling the end, the end of me. I swallow, and freeze, doing myself to brace myself for whatever comes next.
Darkness? Or maybe some sort of salvation is waiting for me?
I close my eyes, dreaming myself away to a heaven hoping that out of the limitless possibilities that that will be the place I go next.
Anything, but confinement I beg. Mouthing the words yet not making any sound. I do not know who this proposal is directed at, maybe the creator of this apartment. 
Yet that would not make any sense. I know that, because I know the creator of this prison better than anyone else. 
I cry through his eyes. I taste the salty tears through his mouth. And right now I’m sweating and shivering through his body. Fearing what comes next through his head.
Ever since that one person who meant so much to me hurt me I’ve built these walls. And ever since I finished this structure I’ve been regretting it.
It makes sense that what I built should be possible for me to destroy, but I built it idiot-proof. Joke’s on me.

Something’s not right. The thumping, the rhythmic thumping. I notice it. It’s not in my head or from some unfathomable source. It’s right outside the wall.
I feel like I’m going to faint, this is too much for me.
The wall!
It’s bending!
I don’t know how to handle this, I fall to my knees hyperventilating.
The thumping is getting harder and harder, louder and louder, the wall gives a little bit more each time.
Thump. Thump. Thump.

Then something crashes through.

Bits and bricks of concrete fly everywhere, it’s a marvel not one bit of shrapnel hits me. Dust fills the air, clouding my vision.
All this racket has to make a huge noise, but my ears are flat lining all I hear is a persistent annoying ringing noise.
And I’m still on my knees on the floor.
Looking lost.
The dust settles. I look up.
A boy roughly my age, sledgehammer in one hand stands in front of me.
He reaches out his empty hand to me. 
"You look lonely in here." He tells me in a calm voice. My ears are working again.
He smiles at me.
I cry.
I can’t hold back anymore, the tears start flooding out.
Then I take his hand. As soon as he has pulled me up I hug him. He seems surprised, but returns the favour.
When I let go I look up at him, mouthing two words “Thank you.” No sound escapes my lips, my throat is too dry, but he reads them smiling, understanding.
Then he grabs my arm and pulls me outside.
Into the sunshine.
My bare feet touching the morning dew in the grass, the sun is smiling at me.
I laugh.
He laughs with me, tossing the sledgehammer away.
And the sun keeps smiling.

-Tofushi (http://tofushi.tumblr.com/)

Jul 12

Open Your Eyes

Every person that enters your life

does so for good reasons.

The encounter may only last a minute

or through many changing seasons.

They comprise a different set of circumstances

providing a perspective that is unique.

The opportunity to look through another set of eyes

may provide the answer you seek.  

Feeling alone and afraid 

are emotions that are quite commonplace.

But the emptiness will dissipate

when you appreciate the beautiful souls

that have been fortunate to share in your space.


Jun 29



too hard to go home.

There are

too many faces that have

turned from familiar

to foreign.

I have

too much pride

to care.

I feel

too much pain

to remember.

For me,

there is no



Jun 13


Have you ever felt all alone?

Emptiness, darkness envelope

The person that you thought you were.

Sadness in your soul develops.

Have you ever felt all alone?

Like no one will be there for you.

You feel separate from the whole world;

The world that once felt close and true.

Have you ever felt all alone?

All you want is someone to care. 

You can’t escape these dark thoughts,

You just sit and let the music blare.

Have you ever felt all alone?

Sitting in the same spot for days,

Refusing to move from that place.

Your life feels like some kind of maze.

I refuse to feel all alone.

Life is too short to sit and wait.

Get out in the world and explore;

Live your life before it’s too late.

- Megan McShane